BI – ABInitio

BI – ABInitio

ABInitio :

At kensington Info group, we endeavor to deliver our customers with high quality service.

Our focus is on providing the consulting and staffing solutions to our client. The Architecture Ab Initio, classically an ETL vendor, has gradually emerged as a strong player in the application integration spectrum with its wide range of enterprise scale, mission-critical applications that include:

  • data warehousing (ETL)
  • real-time analytics
  • customer relationship management (CRM)
  • enterprise application integration (EAI)

Ab Initio provides a robust architecture that would allow simple, fast, and highly secure integration ofsystems and applications. It can run heterogeneously with parallel execution over distributed networks. Itcan integrate diverse, complex, and continuous data streams ranging in size from several gigabytes to tensof terabyte, providing both ETL (Extraction, Transformation and Loading) and EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) tasks within a single, consistent framework.

Organizations of all sizes – in industries as diverse as telecommunications, finance, insurance, health care,e-commerce, retail, and shipping – use Ab Initio software to manage their most complex data. The powerand flexibility that make Ab Initio so effective at the enterprise level also empower smaller, departmentalorganizations.

ABInitio Product Components :

The ABInitio product portfolio consists of three core building blocks:

  • The CO>Operating System – This system delivers distributed and parallel execution and platformindependentdata transportation. It can run across a huge variety of operatingsystems and hardware platforms, from OS/390 on mainframes, to the different flavors of UNIX, toWindows NT or 2000.
  • The Component Library – This is a set of reusable software modules that can perform the basicETL functions as load/unload from different sources, data sorting, data transformation etc,including complicated tasks like checksum computation, XML reformation, multi stage aggregation,etc.
  • The Graphical Development Environment – This is a development environment to create Ab Initioapplications with drag & drop facility, connecting the components into executable flowchartsA major capability of Ab Initio is its ability of parallelism. It can distribute data load into heterogeneoussystems and can execute a transformation on the entire volume of data simultaneously. Ab Initio also provides a user friendly and effective mechanism for real time or near real time data processing.

The various components in Ab Initio that cater for the real time data mechanics are:

  • Ab Initio Queues, an adaptation of the FIFO queue concept, are a reliable method for storingcontinuous flow data.
  • Subscriber is a component that writes data from various sources into a continuous flow process,and originates computepoints (the marking of blocks of records that are to be processed as groups)and checkpoints (intermediate states –wherein data processing can be restored from this point).
  • Publisher is a component that writes data to various destinations, and consumes computepoints andcheckpoints.Ab Initio queues provide a method for storing records in an ordered sequence of fi les that can be fed to theETL process, which runs for an indefinite period of times, continually taking in new input and producing new usable output.