BI – Cognos

BI – Cognos

Cognos :

Our Cognos consultants can deliver benefits to all phases of Cognos business intelligence (BI) projects from consultancy to support to development.

My Company offers you a proven methodology, strong industry knowledge and the ability to focus on both the business and technology of your requirements.

Cognos Reporting :

Operational reporting is key to effective business decision-making and planning. It provides day-to-day reference data that enables business users to monitor the performance of the organization.

Author and distribute every report type: from high-volume production reports, individual ad hoc queries, to centrally authored reports with self-service customization.

Driving operational reporting from Business Intelligence engines means that there is a single source of data; strategic decisions are based on a solid, undisputed foundation. Spend less time debating the numbers and more time deciding what to do. The most complex data structures and processes can be standardized and distributed widely, enabling all business users to access them.

The result: higher user adoption, better decisions across the organization, and the ability to respond to threats and opportunities.

kensington Info group has considerable experience in consolidating data from a wide range of ERP, CRM and other source applications and systems. This means we can devise a low cost, flexible and quality driven approach to operational reporting for our customers. The result: an intuitive, single view of your core analytical data – presented in a format relevant and customised to your business requirements.

Cognos Analytics :

Explore and analyses large volumes of complex data using Cogon’s Power play. Whether seeking out new markets, analyzing business activities and customers or evaluating performance, our Cognos partnership means that Frontline Consultancy can help you to access customised and interactive analysis – that is also very easy to use.

Frontline Consultancy can merge multiple sources of operational data – from disparate sources and any application – to provide you with an analysis tool that lets you see the trends that really matter. Importantly, we can make this process intuitive and seamless, adding real value to an organization’s data.

Real-time analysis using Cognos enables you to explore information from a variety of dimensions. See how your results change over time, in different regions, or for different products. See information by department, by region, by product, or by whatever measure you require. Drill down from a summary to transaction-level detail.