ERP – Lawson

ERP – Lawson

Lawson Technology Integration and Customizations

kensington Info group people can help support and maintain your Infor/Lawson Software with our expertise in functional application consulting, custom application and interface development, as well as system administration, system upgrades and technical training

  • Fully integrating with legacy applications
  • Enhancing security for legacy and third-party applications
  • Modifying Lawson ERP modules to your operating and IT requirements
  • Applying proven methodologies to speed implementation of Lawson CRM and ERP solutions

Lawson Business Intelligence (LBI)

Streamline and enhance decision-making throughout your organization. We can help you create actionable metrics that encourage data-driven decisions throughout your organization by integrating data from Lawson and non-Lawson sources into valuable reports.

We integrate LBI with existing ERP systems and infrastructures to create a customized business-intelligence solution to meet your needs

Lawson Serviceable Business Process Assessment and Redesign

Align your internal processes with your IT resources. We start with deep knowledge of Lawson ERP system best practices and a thorough understanding of your business model to identify opportunities to eliminate inefficiencies, improve consistency, and create role versatility.