kensington Info group has the highest caliber technical and functional consultants who have vast experience and expertise in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) architecture and systems integration. SAP has been encouraging third-party professional consulting service companies to provide implementation and customization services to customers.

kensington Info group Consultants have extensive experience in customizing, upgrading, supporting and optimizing SAP implementations. Our consultants analyze business processes, develop a realistic project management plan and implement applications based on customer requirements, delivering results in a quick turn-around-time.

kensington Info group lifecycle Implementation services include:

  • Analysis of the business requirements.
  • Documenting the expected business benefits.
  • Identifying areas of concern where the ERP applications will help overcome the weaknesses of the current system.
  • Integrating any existing legacy systems that fully conform to the customer’s future business process model.
  • Providing continuous process optimization support.

kensington Info group expertise in SAP applications coupled with the ability to provide comprehensive, customized solutions help clients to organize their processes and make wise decisions based on the information elicited from the SAP system.


kensington Info group addresses the full range of enterprise requirements by offering customers cost-effective implementation and post-implementation services