BI – Data Stage

BI – Data Stage

DataStage :

Industry surveys show that storage solutions will continue to be one of the main areas that companies will put their IT investments into for years to come. To help you quickly achieve ROI on your storage solutions, kensington Info group Storage Consulting Services provide an array of services that assists you to manage storage utilization, performance tuning, and capacity planning. It also includes solutions for remote data replication, data backup/restore processing and storage infrastructure design.

So, kensington Info group people can help support and maintain data storage expertise in professional data storage areas.

Storage consulting service :

  • Storage infrastructure designSAN and NAS
  • Automatic backup/restore infrastructure
  • Remote Data replication
  • Storage consolidation
  • Storage Management Professional Service
  • Storage health check service – provides periodical storage analysis service using our Storage management product
  • SAN and NAS installation service
  • Storage Management tools setup including user training